We know what you’re thinking: “I need more critically-acclaimed television to watch.” Sarcasm aside, there’s a lot of good TV out there, and of all the streaming services, Hulu has some of the best shows out there. The platform also has the advantage of airing episodes of broadcast series right after they premiere, which is arguably better than waiting for a whole season to drop on Netflix.

Our point is, Hulu is supremely underrated, often cast in Netflix’s shadow in the Netflix vs. Hulu debate. We know you’ve seen every Netflix show from Stranger Things to Marvel’s Jessica Jones, so why not find new shows for the winter? As the days get colder and the threat of snow becomes more and more real, you’ll probably want to stay in and keep warm under a blanket, so why not watch some new quality TV while doing so?

You’ve already heard about the streaming service’s crown jewel The Handmaid’s Tale, thanks to its social media omnipresence and Emmy wins, but there’s so many other celebrated TV shows, both old and new, on Hulu. In addition to its impressive lineup of programs from other networks, Hulu also has a solid selection of original shows, including both comedies and dramas. Here are the best shows on Hulu.