Time for a bold statement: Summer sucks. Sure, when summer starts, going to the beach is pretty cool, and day drinking on a rooftop adds a trendy and exciting layer to your social media presence. But by the end of the summer, all you have to show for your fun is a sunburn, an overdrawn bank account, and, if you’re lucky, a couple of semi-decent Instagrams. And you can really only just try make it through June and July before you hit August—aka the start of your summer hangover.

When temperatures continue to rise without mercy and the humidity level reaches sauna-worthy heights, there’s only one solution: Grab some snacks, retreat indoors to post up by your AC unit, crank that sucker as high as its factory settings will allow it to go, and pull up some TV. Truly, these were the conditions binge-watching was made for.

Let’s face it: you’re gonna need a lot more than one new episode a week for streaming to ride out the summer’s last big, heaving heatwave. Enter Hulu’s seriously stacked library of TV shows and series. With a genre-spanning array of comedies and dramas to choose from, even true television addicts will have enough entertainment to carry them through the end of the summer (or through the fall, the winter, or spring, too).

Whether you’re trying to understand Emmy buzz before the award show arrives mid-September, looking to catch up on some shows you missed the first time around, or are just looking for a new show to binge-watch in your PJs (hey, no judgment), Hulu’s got you covered. Below, a guide to the best shows on Hulu that you should burn through first.