The history of Valentine’s Day is a dark one — too dark to recount here. However, there’s consensus that the holiday came from the Romans and the Normans, and that it eventually turned into a celebration of love. In the Middle Ages, people gave cards on the holiday, and it was known to be a favorite of Shakespeare’s, as well.

In the early 1900s, a now well-known company called Hallmark started making Valentine’s Day cards, inspiring lovers young and old to participate in the holiday by giving tiny, often heart-shaped notes. At some point, jewelry, chocolate, and flowers became the more popular gifts, and for those without a significant other, there’s the oft-joked about “Singles Awareness Day,” which also falls on Feb. 14.

Today, Valentine’s Day has become big business with themed candies, sneakers, T-shirts, and other items to make gift-giving easier than ever. It’s not uncommon for drugstores to put out the Valentine’s Day stuff on Dec. 26. Christmas usually takes all our money for gifting, so it helps to be extra creative and resourceful by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, when your significant other is expecting much more than just a card.

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