Wisconsin Man Booed After Rushing Black Superintendent During His Daughter's High School Graduation (UPDATE)

The man, who is white, was called out for being racist and not wanting the superintendent to shake his daughter's hand during the ceremony.

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UPDATED 6/7, 12:59 p.m. ET: Per a new report, the white father seen in much-discussed footage crashing the stage at a graduation was indeed questioned by local police.

The man, according to police docs cited by TMZ, told cops that he "disliked" superintendent Rainey Briggs due to their alleged "past issues." Briggs, meanwhile, is reported to have filed for a restraining order, resulting in a temporary granting of exactly that. The superintendent, notably, did not echo the "past issues" claim of the father, who’s now the subject of a disorderly conduct summons. 

Presumably, there will be more to come on this story in the days ahead.

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You thought your parents were embarrassing?

At the Baraboo High School graduation in Wisconsin last week, attendees were stunned as a parent got onto the stage and physically assaulted the district's superintendent.

In a video taken during the May 31 graduation ceremony, a female student is seen shaking hands with a row of educational staff members, typical of any graduation. Suddenly, her father jumps into the frame and pushes Superintendent Rainey Briggs aside before his daughter reaches Briggs to shake his hand. The graduate and other staff members appear confused, as the men are heard arguing off camera.

"You better get up off me, man," Briggs says. "Get away from me, bro."

In reponse to others trying to intervene on the situation, the parent of the graduate explains his actions.

"That's my daughter," he says. "I don't want him touching her."

The crowd then begins to boo, while the man's daughter cotinues to stand dejectedly on stage. After a moment, Briggs returned to the stage. He was met with applause, and the ceremony resumed.

Superintendent Rainey Briggs was attacked during the Baraboo High School graduation. The unnamed attacker, was a “father” who didn’t want his graduating daughter to shake the hand of a Black man, so he ruined her moment
That’s racism for you in 2024#Graduation #Fight pic.twitter.com/wBdPjLVkQO

— Did you see that? 🤣 (@TheTVAddicted) June 3, 2024
Twitter: @TheTVAddicted

Video of the ceremony made its rounds on social media this week, with many condeming the parent who attacked Briggs as racist.

AmeriKKKa. This girl's graduation ceremony was ruined by her father because he didn't want her to shake hands with a Black administrator. Why did it take so long for all of the other white folks to jump in? Racism is violent, racism is humiliating, and racism is destructive. https://t.co/12SLbmsFAU

— Ambereen Dadabhoy 🪬 (@DrDadabhoy) June 5, 2024
Twitter: @DrDadabhoy

They are getting bolder.. Do not put your hands on folks.. Trust me, this ain't 1952.. Don't let the social media clunkers fool you. https://t.co/yIUOOeY5J0

— Sailor Michael⚓✈ (@Megawatts55) June 5, 2024
Twitter: @Megawatts55

Most white people have zero concept of what it’s like to be the sole member of their race, in a professional setting—but nearly all Black people know this feeling.

Fact is, it is very likely that Superintendent Rainey Briggs experiences and is forced to deal with racism daily. https://t.co/qEtEH3T1Ic pic.twitter.com/NNRjkoALdB

— Jay P (@JohnathanPerk) June 5, 2024
Twitter: @JohnathanPerk

It's telling that so many reactions to this are white people going "aw that's so sad I feel so sorry for the girl!"

Yeah it sucks for her, but the victim here is a black man who was the clear target of racism. Ask yourself why your sympathy automatically goes to the white person https://t.co/95L7DeBDp1

— Mattie Lucas (@cinemattie) June 5, 2024
Twitter: @cinemattie

What an embarrassment on so many levels! All over a racist father not wanting his daughter to shake the hand of a black man who just happens to be the school superintendent that was there to honor the students at their graduation including the racist dad very own daughter? Just… https://t.co/GPOVak41Xz

— Stacey King (@Stacey21King) June 5, 2024
Twitter: @Stacey21King

"Father" went into full Klan mode at
graduation https://t.co/eqla1h4LHb

— ghetto intellectual™ (@kzshabazz) June 5, 2024
Twitter: @kzshabazz

According to Channel 3000, the district released a statement saying that the man was removed from the ceremony by police and referred to the Sauk County District Attorney's Office on disorderly conduct charges. The school district has also launched its own investigation into the matter.

"Our primary focus remains on celebrating the achievements of our graduates," the district stated. "We want to ensure that the significance of this milestone and the hard work of our students are not overshadowed by this unfortunate event. The evening celebrated their accomplishments, and we are incredibly proud of each of them."

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