Video of Wild Machete Fight in the Dominican Republic Shows Man Nonchalantly Pick Up His Hand After It Got Chopped Off

The fight between the two men was reportedly over a woman.

A machete embedded in a tree stump outdoors
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A machete embedded in a tree stump outdoors

In a wild clip circulating online, a fight between two men in the Dominican Republic shows one of them walking away with his severed hand after it was chopped off with a machete.

As reported by TMZ, the fight happened on Tuesday, May 14 in San Pedro de Marcoís in the southern region of the Dominican Republic. The two men, both equipped with machetes, got into outside of a gas station. They both wildly swung their weapons at one another, and the fight appeared to be going in favor of one of the men before the other managed to gain the upper hand and slice off his opponent's hand.

After his hand fell to the ground, the man who sliced the other's hand off walked away covered in blood as the injured man retreated. He then returned to nonchalantly retrieve his hand, as if nothing had happened.

Viewer discretion is advised, the below clip features a bloody fight between two men that resulted in the loss of one of the individual's hands.

In Consuelo (Municipality in the Dominican Republic) two people attacked each other with machete.

At the end you can see one of them picking his hand that lost in the fight like nothing happened.

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According to local reports, eyewitnesses claim the two men were friends who got into a heated argument over a woman. The man with the severed hand was taken to a nearby hospital, but the status of his removed appendage is unclear. It's also not immediately clear if the attacker has been charged in connection with the fight.

Check out the disturbing clip above.

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