A woman accused by local and federal authorities of flying to Denver and purchasing a gun just days ahead of the Columbine anniversary has reportedly been found dead.

The FBI was looking for the 18-year-old Florida woman who they say was obsessed with the 1999 Columbine High School shooting. The woman, identified in a Denver Post report as Sol Pais, was alleged to have made threats of violence in the Denver metropolitan area ahead of the shooting's 20th anniversary.

During a press conference Tuesday night, Dean Phillips—special agent in charge of the city's FBI office—said that Pais arrived from Miami via the Denver International Airport. At some point, Pais is alleged to have bought a shotgun and ammunition. She was said to be "infatuated" with the Columbine massacre.

Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader also spoke at the conference, telling reporters they take such threats seriously. "This opens a wound, especially on anniversary week for those families who are most deeply impacted by this," Shrader said.

Multiple schools in several area districts were closed Wednesday, with most also canceling any previously scheduled extracurricular events. Among the nearly 20 affected districts are Cherry Creek, Douglas County, Boulder Valley, Westminster Public, and many more. 

Pais, a Miami Beach High student, was reported missing by her parents Monday night. Per the Miami Herald, Pais' father said he thinks "maybe" his daughter had "a mental problem." Investigators say they've discovered online journal entries and gun drawings they believe were shared by Pais, as well as posts on a gun forum asking for tips on buying a gun in Colorado.

In a statement Wednesday, the FBI had confirmed the search remained ongoing and urged anyone with info on Pais' whereabouts to come forward. Later, an FBI rep told NBC News that "investigative activity" was ongoing around the base of Mt. Evans. "More information will follow soon," the rep added.

Pais was later reported by an area CBS affiliate to have been found dead, citing a law enforcement source at a Clear Creek command post.