Porn fans can now indulge in peace since it was announced that a hacker who has been blackmailing adult site visitors out of cash has officially been sentenced to prison.

Newsweek reports that British courts have sentenced London's Zain Qaiser to six years behind bars. This news comes close to five years after Qaiser was initially arrested and accused of scaring porn users out of their cash by posing as a federal law enforcement agent. According to reports, Qaiser began this scheme when he was 17 years old, contacting a Russian controller who provided him with the ransomware after promising to split the profits. During an 18-month period, this scam grew to infiltrate several popular porn sites around the globe. 

Qaiser's ransomware created fake advertisements on various sites. Either by accident or on purpose, the viewer will click these ads. From there a message would appear on the user's screen claiming to be federal authorities. The message would accuse them of breaking the law claiming that the would have to serve jail time or pay a fine of $200. By doing this, it is alleged that Qaiser accumulated over $4.5 million USD which he spent on jewelry, sex workers, and drug.

However, to this day, police can only account for close to $100,000 USD and it is unknown the full extent of his enterprise. Yet they were able to finger Qaiser as the culprit after other legit advertisers began to notice the trend and alerted authorities.   

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