The CEO of the contractor that oversaw the much-criticized tent city in Tornillo, Texas says that he received pressure from a Trump administration official to detain more migrant children.

In an interview with VICE's Emily Green, Kevin Dinnin—who serves as president and CEO of the BCFS nonprofit—alleged that Trump administration lackey Scott Lloyd also threatened back in August 2018 to place children in jail-like holding cells if he failed to keep the Tornillo location operable and actively expanding.

"The children want to get to their families," Dinnin said. "Under any circumstance, I don't think it's right that a child be held in care longer than necessary to ensure their safe placement." Ultimately, according to Dinnin, he sent a letter a full two months after the aforementioned alleged comments, letting the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services know that the BCFS-operated facility would no longer be detaining additional migrants. The so-called "tent city" is now projected to be completely closed by the end of this month.

Though the behind-the-scenes mishandling of literally everything about Trump's immigration obsessions are no surprise, it's still disheartening to see the bulk of coverage surrounding this interview going for the tone deaf approach of lauding someone who initially had no problem being in charge of shit like this.

In related news, Trump has very recently vomited forth a litany of bogus statements in an effort to drum up support for The Wall and/or just to hear himself talk. During one specific instance, he traded nonsense with fellow gargoyle Sean Hannity.