Founder: Thomas Burberry
Year Founded: 1856

Burberry earned it's reputation for one thing: Trench coats based on the sturdy, weather-proof gabardine fabric it developed in 1880. Its earlier prototype for this garment was the Tielocken, a long, belted military coat worn by British officers during the Boer War. In WWI, the British War Office asked Burberry to bring its Tielocken back, but with some additions. Epaulettes were put into the shoulders so that the Sam Brown belt–which was used to hold the soldier's guns, ammunition, and sword–could be held in place. D-rings were added to the coat's fabric belt so that there would be a place to hang grenades. The gun flap was used to pad the shoulder against recoil. This wartime garment has now become one of the most iconic foul-weather coats for civilian men and women alike. Today the brand is a well regarded fashion house with full collections worth coveting, but its roots in outerwear paved the way.