When: June 27, 2021

After an almost four month hiatus from the app, ASAP Nast also took to Twitter to air out his grievances with Tyler “copying” him. He started out with a call to action: “@ me so i know it’s real or get off my dick.” And then went on to say that Tyler’s style changed after he hung out with him and made accusations that he stole musician Shlohmo’s look for his Igor project (Shlohmo wore a neon yellow bob wig with bangs and Tyler wore a blonde mushroom-shaped wig). A Twitter user asked: “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HAPPEN,” to which Nast responded: “Start paying homage to the people you rip off. Stop acting original when you not! Simple.” He ended the mini spree of tweets by pointing out some past Tyler lyrics from the song “Telephone Calls” off of Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends in which he denounces designer fashion rapping, “Fuck the Gucci, fuck the Raf, and fuck the swag/And all that other shit they wearing.” Tyler has yet to address Nast directly. —Aria Hughes