Earlier today, Tyler, the Creator released his sixth studio album, Call Me If You Get Lost, to the world. Along with all of the new music fans will surely enjoy, Tyler has also introduced us to the latest chapter in his ongoing style evolution. We’d call this era “Dapper Traveler Tyler.” He wears a mix of sophisticated menswear staples like sweater vests, pleated trousers, poplin shirts, and the piece de resistance, the ushanka hat.  

This isn’t the first time we have seen Tyler take his style in a new direction for his latest project. In fact, it’s pretty easy to pinpoint the shift each time. He’s slowly morphed from the skate, streetwear kid who mainly wears bold graphic T-shirts and destroyed Vans to a more preppier look that we see today. Along the way, Tyler hasn’t fully abandoned his playful side though. He’s always wearing wild prints and bright colors, he just does it in a new way with each project.

With the arrival of Tyler’s latest album, we decided to take a look back at his style metamorphosis from album-to-album.