Speaking of those types of garments, I really did get that old-school Recon/Subware vibe from your Supreme collaboration this season. Can you tell me how the Supreme collab came together and how you came up with the design?
You know, that’s amazing you did because they sent me a brief with all my old work. I was so honored. I knew everybody at Supreme since before Supreme, right? We’ve all been friends and family for years yet I never did design work for them. And I never thought about it in a certain way. I’m always busy so I don’t really care. My son, about four months ago, he’s 16, he goes: “Yo, dad, would you ever rock for Supreme if they asked you?” And I just told him that I think that boat sailed because they’re working with younger, newer, contemporary people that are of the moment or whatever. Two days later, my boy West, who runs a lot of their special projects, hits me up and asks if I would be interested in working on some pieces. 

They sent me some of my work that they were influenced by. I guess the designers that create Supreme now are really nostalgic because they referenced my early design work and rebranded it for Supreme. And I feel really good about that. They’re a really good crew to work with and everything was amazing as you hope it would be. I wish I had two more hands so I can give them four thumbs up.

Do you envision producing garments like that for Subware in the future?
I mean, listen, the future is unwritten as they say, right? If I can quote our boy Mr. Strummer. I don’t know because I’m not even thinking about that right now. Graphically, T-shirts and soft goods are easy counter purchases. There’s such intensity in the industry. There’s a lot of high-end stuff that I don’t know if I can keep in stride and make something like that in this conversation anyway. Like I don’t know where we’re going in that regard. But graphically, we have a lot of cool things lined up and we’re going to have fun reintroducing artists and doing what we do as well as our own take on our world.

It’s just crazy to hear you talk about how Subware was one of the first brands to pioneer this concept of artist collaborations, especially within the realm of graffiti and street art.
Well, let’s not discount the whole West Coast crew. Because, you know, right around the time of Subware, brands like Tribal Gear worked with a lot of artists and bigged them up. I just came from a different ilk. I was about that New York old school. The people I was blessed to work with through Subware, Phase 2, rest in peace, people like that. So historically, I think I was able to bring some things to the surface that hadn’t come up yet. I credit a lot of other brands during the same time who were working with local artists, but it wasn’t in the same way. I was doing it ‘cause I was designing my brand and always, every season, having an artist collaboration.

Subware T-shirt
Image via Subware

Nowadays, it feels like graffiti is being respected within high fashion as seen with collaborations between artists like Futura and Louis Vuitton. Do you feel like the graffiti artists who helped set the foundation for streetwear, like yourself or someone like Isaac “West” Rubinstein of PNB Nation, really get the proper credit and recognition that’s due?
It depends on what conversation you’re having. I mean you do and you don’t. Where is it going to be written forever? I don’t know. I feel celebrated when I’m in the community and those who know, know. We’re powerful motherfuckers who don’t have to say much. You might not like the history, but you can’t change it. I mean, we’re happy to have the conversation. We just might not instigate it.

So aside from fresh drops from Subware, what should heads be looking forward to from Stash in the near future?
There’s a whole lot of stuff coming up and really cool stuff I have to say. So just stay with me on this. I don’t want to start dropping, bouncing, and doing. But I can assure you that if you like the trajectory that we’ve been on already, it’s only going to intensify. And thank you all by the way, who are fans of Subware and Stash. There’s going to be some treats coming up in the next few months that I’m really excited about.