Kanye West's Company Files 'Yeezy' Trademark for Beauty and Skincare Products

Kanye West’s company, per a new report, has filed for a potential 'Yeezy' trademark that will focus on a range of beauty and skincare products.


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Kanye West's company has filed for a "Yeezy"trademark of the beauty and skincare variety, according to a new report.

TMZ said early Sunday that West's team filed for a trademark that would potentially cover a number of products including makeup, nail polish, hair care, bath gels, moisturizers, face masks, eyelashes, shaving creams, fragrances, toothpaste, deodorant, and possibly "scented pine cones and aromatherapy pillows."

The report is short on additional info, that it does point out that 2017 saw a similar effort from West's team involving the Donda name. In February of that year, news broke that West's team had filed legal documents declaring their intention to produce a range of products including makeup and fragrances that would carry the Donda name. Presumed plans, however, never came to public fruition.

YZY chart compared to the DONDA chart. pic.twitter.com/mjYQ0DXCaY

— Chris Lambert (narrative expert) (@ChrisJHLambert) September 25, 2018

Earlier this month, Ye joined Pharrell Williams for a conversation featured in i-D Magazine's Faith in Chaos issue. During the discussion, West shared extended thoughts on how he sees society moving forward in the COVID-19 era, noting his belief that this period marks an opportunity for reflection on what it means to be human and what is actually required to—in his words—change the world.

"We need to change our mentality, readjust our mindset and use that readjusted mindset to change the world," he said. "The only thing that can change the world is people changing. And we have this moment right now to just really reset because the world wasn’t heading in the right direction."

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