Drake’s Custom Jewelry, Ranked

From emerald Pateks to Raptors championship rings, these are the top 10 pieces of jewelry the rapper has had made throughout his career.

Prince Williams / WireImage

Drake has always been fond of expensive jewelry. After all, you can’t dub yourself “Chaining Tatum” without the pieces to back it up. 

Throughout his career, he’s constantly hit up some of the best jewelers to craft pieces we’ve seen before. Most recently, he tapped in with his go-to jeweler, Alex Moss, for the “Crown Jewel of Toronto,” a diamond-encrusted celebration of his home city to mark the release of For All the Dogs

It got us thinking back on all of the incredible pieces Drake has shown off over the years. We’re talking strictly about the customs designed for him, so things like the $3 million worth of Pharrell’s old jewelry (or gold bars he melted it into?) and the $1 million ring formerly owned by Tupac are out of contention. 

Is it the best jewelry collection in hip-hop? Maybe. But we can have that argument another day. Right now, we’re focusing on all the great custom pieces in Drake’s personal collection. Check out our top 10 below.


10. Stone Island Logo

9. Tupac Jesus Pieces

8. Ski Mask Cupid

7. Emerald Patek Philippe by Virgil Abloh

6. OVO Owl Head With Adonis Photo

5. Big "O" Chain

4. Raptors Championship Ring

3. 'Crown Jewel of Toronto'

2. 'Previous Engagements'

1. OVO Owls

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