A Brief History of Drake's Relationship With Chrome Hearts

A look at Drake's history with Chrome Hearts including his affinity for its cross patch denim, 'CLB' merch collab, custom Rolls Royce Cullinan, and more.

Drake x Chrome Hearts
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Drake x Chrome Hearts

Since being officially unveiled earlier in May, Drake’s collaborative collection with Chrome Hearts has already become one of the most hyped drops of 2021. The collection sought to promote his upcoming album, Certified Lover Boy, and was only released in Miami’s Chrome Hearts store this month. Chrome Hearts is already  known for being expensive and hard to get. According to one of Chrome Hearts’ co-owners the collection was designed to be extremely limited. 

“He wanted things to be heirlooms and have them be coveted,” Laurie Lynn Stark told GQ. “He was very specific about having things that have longevity. Like, in 10 years, if someone says, ‘Oh, remember they did that Drake project? What were those few pieces that were made? How do you have one?’” 

Aside from clothing like hoodies and jeans with CLB x CH hardware, the collection’s prized heirlooms include co-branded notebooks, keychains, and jade face rollers. Since being released in Miami, pieces from the collection have flooded resale sites like Grailed. Currently, the hoodies are being priced for as much as $7,000 and the jade roller is being sold for a whopping $8,000.  Following the release of the collaboration earlier this month, and with Drake’s Chrome Hearts Rolls Royce being on display for the last day this Saturday, we decided to examine Drake’s relationship with the brand. Check out our detailed look below.  —Lei Takanashi

Frequently Seen Wearing Chrome Hearts’ Cross Patch Denim

Drake Chrome Hearts Denim

When: July 2020

The jeans became the item Drake would most frequently wear from the brand, but it wasn’t the only item he owned. He’s also been spotted in custom Chrome Hearts Timberland boots adorned with the same leather cross patches, zip-up jackets, and T-shirts. One of Drake’s craziest Chrome Hearts pieces is the customized gold Rolex he was showing off on Instagram back in July. The classic yellow gold Rolex Day-Date was remixed with a special Chrome Hearts band that incorporated the brand’s signature gothic logos. Of course, he had to ice it out too. Diamonds can be seen on the bezel, hour markers, and wrapping the band. The price of the timepiece is unknown, but given the fact that similar Day-Dates from Rolex hover around the $50,000 mark before adding any custom embellishments, we know it’s definitely expensive. —Mike DeStefano

"Laugh Now Cry Later" Video

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When: August 2020

Drake is a fan of extravagance. And few things are more extravagant than treating the headquarters of a multi-billion sportswear company like your personal playground to shoot a music video. Sure, jet skiing in the lake and trekking around the Nike campus in golf carts was cool, but you know Drake had to make sure he dressed for the occasion too. In the “Laugh Now, Cry Later” video, Drizzy wore a special Chrome Hearts basketball jersey while guarding, (well, doing his best to guard) Kevin Durant in the gym. The black and white jersey featured a Chrome Hearts cross at the neckline and “Chrome Hearts” script arching across the chest, and “Loverboy” spelled out across the back shoulders as a nod to his upcoming album title. All signs point to this being a one-of-one for the man himself, but considering Drake and Chrome Hearts are officially collaborating on other items these days, maybe they might actually drop one day after all? —Mike DeStefano

"What's Next" Video

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When: March 2021

When Drake released the only music video to promote his latest EP Scary Hours 2, he truly did it in style. In the Theo Skudra directed music video for “What’s Next,” Drake was wearing some crazy fits while rolling through the streets of Toronto. Drake really stepped onto a Toronto subway car with Rick Owens cargo pants and a $20,000 monogram mink fur coat from Louis Vuitton. Prada puffers, Raf Simon’s bombers, and Raf x Prada leather bombers were just some of the priciest garments that Drake wore to this video shoot. But of course, the video also unveiled a couple standout pieces from his collaboration with Chrome Hearts. While flexing the Raf x Prada jacket, Drake gave a sneak peek of the CLB Chrome Hearts hoodie, which he wore as a layer. And while sitting in a Chrome Hearts embellished Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster, Drake also gave a preview of a leather Chrome Hearts hoodie that may be a part of his ongoing collaboration as well. —Lei Takanashi

'Certified Lover Boy' Merch Collab and Custom Rolls Royce Cullinan

Drake x Chrome Hearts Merch

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