It’s a Thursday evening in late April and while most of the world has been put on pause because of Covid-19, Theo Skudra is hard at work in Toronto. At the start of the phone interview he’s calm and collected. Within the first 10 minutes of the conversation, he gets off the phone, saying he has to handle something and will call back. It wasn’t obvious then, but the call was taking place the same time Drake announced Dark Lane Demo Tapes, a surprise 14-track mixtape composed of various leaks and loosies with features ranging from Playboi Carti to Future, on Instagram. Skudra was a pivotal part of the project. The 33-year-old shot the cover art, a menacing photo of Drake in a balaclava showing only his eyes that helped introduce the body of work to the world. A few weeks prior, Skudra was filming Drake sliding all around his mansion for what would become the “Toosie Slide” video. Skudra directed Drake, wearing a Nike Hyperwarm Hood and ultra rare Raf Simons “Riot Riot Riot” bomber jacket, as he meandered around his palatial home littered with rare artwork from KAWS and Andy Warhol. Even in quarantine, Skudra has been helping shape the visuals for rap’s biggest star.

For the past nine years, Skudra has acted as Drake’s in-house photographer, shot some of his most memorable music videos, and documented the many facets of Drake’s life from the club to the concert stage. He can be seen in the background of Drizzy’s infamous speech during the Toronto Raptors 2019 NBA championship run wielding his 16mm camera. He’s even credited as the director for Drake’s December 2019 Rap Radar interview. If you see an image of Drake floating around, chances are Skudra was the shooter.