The Biggest Style Drops at ComplexCon 2021

From the Pleasures x Crocs to ‘Squid Game’ x Emotionally Unavailable merch, here are the best and biggest style drops happening at ComplexCon 2021 Long Beach.

ComplexCon Drops 2021 Lead Image
Complex Original

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ComplexCon Drops 2021 Lead Image

We’re back. After being forced to move the festivities to the virtual world throughout the pandemic, ComplexCon finally returns to the Long Beach Convention Center this weekend for the first time since 2019.

There’s going to be plenty of special installations for attendees to look forward to. And of course, there’s going to be plenty of exclusive drops you need to be sure to take advantage of too. Barriers, the bubbling brand out of New York, will be selling its new project created in collaboration with the Tupac estate. Kerwin Frost invites fans to his kingdom for special music performances and an early chance at the latest pieces from his Adidas collab. Needs a fresh fitted? Check out the Brands to Watch activation and pop by the Everything We Do Is Limited booth, or hit up Jaetips’ Savior Worldwide booth to take advantage of the limited restock of his coveted Hat Club collab. Other brands like Circulate, Tombogo, Coreal Studios, and more will be offering amazing new products too. 

If you need some help trying to map out your journey around the busy convention floor this weekend, check out our list of some of the best drops taking place at ComplexCon 2021 below.

ComplexCon takes place from Nov. 6 to Nov. 7 in Long Beach, Calif. Sign up for more info and access at

KNC x Champion

ComplexCon KNC Champion Drops 2021


Circulate ComplexCon Drops 2021

Barriers x Tupac Estate

ComplexCon 2021 Barriers x 2pac

Kerwin's Kingdom

Kerwin Frost x Adidas

C'est Bon

ComplexCon 2021 Drops Cest Bon

Brands to Watch

ComplexCon Drops 2021 Brands To Watch

Pleasures x Crocs

Pleasures x Crocs ComplexCon 2021

Back Two School Special

ComplexCon Back to School Special 2021

Justin Mensinger

ComplexCon 2021 Drops Justin Mensinger

Round Two

Round Two ComplexCon Drops 2021


Tombogo ComplexCon 2021

Coral Studios

Coral Studios ComplexCon Drops 2021

Savior Worldwide

ComplexCon 2021 Drops Savior Worldwide

ComplexCon x Snapchat

ComplexCon Snapchat Drops 2021

The New Blue Collar

ComplexCon 2021 The New Blue Collar

'Squid Game' x Emotionally Unavailable

Emotionally Unavailable x Squid Game

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