Sean Brown’s CD rugs gained traction online at the height of the pandemic. The Toronto native, who was busy creative directing for artists like Daniel Caesar before things shut down, had time to think and create––and the internet took to the CD rugs. But he’s since expanded, and he will be bringing some of the additional items he’s designed to this year’s ComplexCon in Long Beach as part of the “Brands to Watch” activation.

“We got way more ambitious a lot quicker,” says Brown, who initially envisioned his brand Curves to be like a MoMA Design Store but through his perspective. “I was still thinking small objects, where it’s like now, nah, let’s do mirrors and let’s find a way to do chairs and let’s explore shelving and like, you know, bigger stuff. Like, let’s make the thing super robust. I think it’s probably more like IKEA now.”