10 Times Celebs Got Caught Wearing Fake Jewelry, Watches, and More

Whether it was Lil Baby's fake $400,000 Patek or Soulja Boy's bootleg Gucci collection, our favorite celebs have been caught wearing some hilarious fakes.

Lil Baby’s Fake $400,000 Patek

Rick Ross’ Fouis Vuitton Fiasco

Dwyane Wade’s Supreme Italia-A** Box Logo Hoodie

Busta Rhymes' Busted Supreme x Louis Vuitton Sweater

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s BBS Diamond Chain

Nearly Everything Soulja Boy Owns

Famous Dex’s Dior Air Jordan 1 “Mids”

T-Pain’s Temu Richard Mille Watch

Big Boi’s Retro Air Jordan F8kes

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When: 2009

Perhaps one of the most notorious fake sneakers ever worn by a celeb was Big Boi’s red and blue Retro Air Jordan 8s. It was a fake widely seen by everyone on the Internet because Big Boi flexed them in an interview with CNN.com during a Sneaker Pimps convention in Atlanta. A month after he got caught wearing the fakes, Maurice Garland interviewed him about the sneakers he wore. Big Boi claimed he ordered them off the Internet around 2000 and that he paid $500 for them. “I ain’t really perpetuating fraud or nothing, I liked them because of the colors,” he said. He went on to clarify that he didn’t have money to wear OG Air Jordans 8s while he was growing up, so he was quick to buy a pair he thought was dope while he was on the come-up. On a 2020 episode of Full Size Run, Big Boi revisited the 8s and said his brother was actually the one who ordered them online for him. He also revealed those sneakers are still in his collection today and are cemented in Outkast’s own history. On the back of Outkast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, Big Boi can be seen wearing them while standing on a set of speakers. While it would be embarrassing for most sneaker collectors to spend $500 on fugazi Jordans, Big Boi emphasized on FSR there’s more to life than what shoes he wears. “That album [Speakerboxxx/The Love Below] went on to sell 17 million copies,” he told Complex. “Fuck them shoes!” 

Kendrick Lamar’s Fu Game Air Jordan 12s

Kendrick Lamar is out here flexing on the ‘Gram in bootleg “Flu Game” Air Jordan 12s. 😂😭 pic.twitter.com/AzkzPuuveW

— Complex Sneakers (@ComplexSneakers) June 16, 2023
Twitter: @ComplexSneakers
When: 2023  

Big Boi isn’t the only rapper who’s fallen in love with a pair of blatantly fake Air Jordans. For his 37th birthday, Kendrick Lamar shared a fit pic of himself wearing fake “Flu Game” Air Jordan 12s on his Finsta page @jojoruski. “How im coming for my bday 🤫,” captioned Lamar. The “Flu Games'' are a coveted pair of black and red 12s that got their nickname after Michael Jordan wore them while scoring 38 points while he was sick during the fifth game of the 1997 NBA Finals. The original pair he wore during that game has sold for over $100,000 at auction. These “Flu Games” that Lamar wore probably ran him $20–$40 at whatever off-market sneaker store he picked these up from. While it’s clear K.Dot picked these up in jest, these are truly some embarrassingly bad knockoffs of an iconic Air Jordan.

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