Watch the Trailer for Our Docuseries 'Sold Out: The Underground Economy of Supreme Resellers'

Our new docuseries 'Sold Out' dives deep into $400 box logo tees, global hypebeasts, and the world of Supreme resellers.

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Complex’s docuseries Sold Out: The Underground Economy of Supreme Resellers explores the world of reselling Supreme, where cutthroat fans do whatever it takes to purchase gear from the streetwear brand, and then sell the goods themselves for big profits. Our four-part series embeds with the individuals who perpetuate this global phenomenon to get an on-the-ground look at the illicit market of Supreme apparel.

So who would even participate in a worldwide market for secondhand T-shirts? Well, if that white tee happens to have a red Supreme box logo, the retail price of $44 could easily turn into $400 on the resell market. Of course, this means plenty of profiteers are going to employ whatever tactics they can to strike streetwear gold. But it's not all easy money; the resellers in Sold Out go into great detail on the non-stop struggles of trying to make a buck in a hyper-competitive, unregulated world.

Plus, it's not like the brand is necessarily happy about it. Back in 2002, Supreme founder James Jebbia told the now defunct Rift Trooper his feelings on reselling: "I don't like it very much simply because we try our best to make our clothing affordable for young people. After all Supreme is a skate brand and when I do see our things on eBay, the prices are normally at least double what they should be. Basically I don't like people getting jacked for a T-shirt."

Sold Out is an unprecedented look into a controversial subculture where the rivalries are heated, the market is ruthless, and lots of outsiders are...confused. What gives a brand this kind of intense cachet, and how do resellers—who create new, unsanctioned opportunities for distribution and profit—effect the brand and its consumers? Sold Out reveals the inner-workings of this underground reselling economy and the individuals who power it. Take a look at the trailer for the series, and make sure you stay tuned for the premiere of the first episode on Monday, Dec. 14.

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