Dr. Martens has linked up with Medicom Toy—Japanese purveyors of streetwear's most coveted toy, the Bearbrick—for a rework of its iconic 1460 boot.

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the UK footwear brand launched the 1460 Remastered Collection this year, asking 12 different designers to reimagine its most recognizable silhouette. This month's edition takes Dr. Martens' punk and grunge heritage, and makes it decidedly more ursine.

Nods to Medicom's signature bear figurines are all over this boot, quite literally—tiny Bearbrick silhouettes are embossed throughout the 1460s leather upper. The Bearbrick logo, meanwhile, appears in red bouclé branding on the shaft, as well as on a nickel lace charm. Just to drive the bear theme even further home, the boots were crafted with cozy fleece lining, and come with optional red and blue fuzzy laces.

And worry not, hardcore collectors—Dr. Martens and Medicom are also dropping six special-edition Bearbrick figurines to accompany the boot. The full set ranges from '70s punk-inspired ones to a very obvious nod to Kurt Cobain.

Take a gander at the Dr. Martens x Medicom Toy 1460, and the accompanying angsty plastic bears, below.

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