Now that it's summer, more people are venturing outside and face masks can be uncomfortable in the heat. But it’s still absolutely vital to keep wearing them per the Center for Disease Control. The United States still has the most COVID-19 cases worldwide and the states that took a more relaxed approach early on are now becoming the new epicenters for the pandemic. 

Thankfully, many brands have addressed the heat by releasing breathable face coverings constructed out of light and sweat-wicking fabrics. Check out some of our favorite face masks for the summer. If any of these masks sell out, there are always more cloth mask options that can also be found here. 

Buff Face Masks 

Where to Buy:
Price: $29

For the past 25 years, Buff has been known for its tubular, multifunctional headwear. Recently, the brand’s polyester neck gaiters have been popularized amongst runners as a more breathable face covering option. Now, the brand has released its own line of face masks made out of polyester. These masks are compatible with filters which claim to block out 98% of airborne particulates. 

Reebok Face Masks 

Where to Buy:
Price: $20 for Three Masks

The popular athletic apparel and sneaker brand Reebok has dropped its own line of masks. These are made out of recycled polyester, which ensures more comfort for strenuous athletic activities. A pack of three is available online for $20. 

Under Armour Sportsmask 

Where to Buy:
Price: $30

The popular athletic apparel brand Under Armour has released a specially designed “Sportsmask.” Now available for pre-order, Under Armour’s Sportsmask features three different layers of fabric and is designed to feel cooler against your skin. 

Coat of Arms Face Masks 

Where to Buy:
Price: $25

Coat of Arms is a rising, New York City-based, techwear brand that has released an intriguing range of masks. Face masks made out of polyurethane, ripstop nylon, and antimicrobial fabrics are available for $25 each. Every mask includes a memory foam nose piece to prevent the masks from fogging up glasses, two filters, and a reflective bungee cord neck strap. 

Chinatown Market Face Masks 

Where to Buy:
Price: $15 

Chinatown Market has produced a wide range of graphic face masks made out of lightweight and breathable cotton. Many masks are available through the Complex Shop right now. Check out options which feature the brand’s iconic motifs such as smiley faces and bears. 

Off-White Face Mask 

Where to Buy:
Price: $105 

Off-White has released a range of cotton face masks that feature the brand’s iconic arrows and diagonals logo. One mask also features the graphic “SMILING INSIDE.” The masks are made out of cotton and are being sold for $105 each. Yes, these masks cost more than two Virgils. 

Gap Face Mask

Where to Buy It:
Price: $15 (3-pack) or $36 (8-pack)

Gap is “cool” now, right? These aren’t quite as good as Yeezy Gap masks would be, but the retailer is currently selling its own triple-layered masks in  wide array of colors and patterns ranging from paisley to floral. Constructed of lightweight poplin, these will guarantee you stay cool in style when you step outside in the hot summer weather.

Adidas Face Covers

Where to Buy It:
Price: $16 (3-pack)

Like most sportswear companies, Adidas is also selling its own face masks these days. Available in blue or black, these stretchy options are made with at least 40 percent recycled materials. A perforated inner layer provides additional ventilation perfect for your next stroll around the neighborhood or morning run. These also appear to cover a large area of the face in comparison to some other more common options, which means you won’t have to worry adjusting it every other minute. 

Casetify Reusable Cloth Mask

Where to Buy It:
Price: $15

Casetify is known for its tech cases for phones laptop, but is also producing masks now. Each mask purchased results in the donation of a surgical mask to a health worker. Cotton and woven filters that can be placed inside each mask guarantee that extra level of protection you should be striving for too.

Fila Cloth Face Mask

Where to Buy It:
Price: $12

Fila is yet another sportswear brand that has decided to use its resources to produce some stylish face masks. Multiple styles are offered with this multicolored camo option being one of the standouts. For anyone concerned (even though you shouldn’t be) with compromising their fit wearing one of those boring blue masks around, this might be for you.

Levi’s Reusable Printed Face Mask

Where to Buy It:
Price: $15 (3-pack)

Levi’s is selling three packs of its own paisley-covered face masks. The stylish fabric face coverings are reusable, reversible, and designed with comfort in mind so you won’t be itching to rip it off after a few hours outside in the sun.

Hanes Signature Stretch-to-Fit Face Masks

Where to Buy It:
Price: $20 (6-pack)

We all love Hanes white T-shirts. So it’s no surprise that Hanes is also responsible for one of the most breathable and comfortable face masks on the market. Each is constructed of the brand’s Cool Comfort fabric that will come in handy after you’ve been outside in 90+ degree weather for some time. The stretch-to-fit design makes it easy to cover your mouth and nose accordingly as well.