It may look like Yoon Ahn is busier than ever. She’s fresh off her first sneaker drop, an April release of an Air Max 180 that was part of the Nike X AMBUSH® Collection, a whole-body set of products that included clothing and a herringbone necklace. That was on the heels of a separate collab (a kimono and jersey) with the sneaker giant for the FIFA Women’s World Cup. There have been high-profile launches with Beats by Dre and Rimowa, as well as a partnership with Amazon, ahead of Tokyo fashion week. And, of course, since her 2018 appointment as jewelry designer for Dior Men, the Elles and Vogues of the world have been profiling her as a face of streetwear’s infiltration of the legendary houses. As her enviably followed IG account (with likes from Naomi Campbell and Rih) attests, the strawberry-haired, 42-year-old designer’s eye is the imprimatur for women’s streetwear worldwide. Yoon Ahn’s touch is all over everything dope right now.

Her glamorous come-up might seem instant if not for the round-the-clock work she’s put in over a decade to get to this point. Or the attention to detail she still shows to every part of her expanding brand. “Running the business and building the business itself is designing, right?” she asks, rhetorically. “It’s not just the branding. The way I see it, designing involves [everything from] branding to how you want to define the culture that’s going on at the company to systemizing everything. I’m still pretty hands-on on everything. I still check all the sales, the spreads, design everything. Like, everything.”

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