The '90s were lowkey the best in terms of hip-hop fashion. Whether you like to admit or not, our favorite rappers put us on to most of your wardrobe. They had the cash and influence to rock fly shit before it hit stores. Amazingly, there are still trends from back then that people rock today. A fresh pair of Timbs or Air Force 1s will never get old. Ralph Lauren never left and cats are quietly bringing Tommy Hilfiger back. Kanye West's overcharging us for military gear, jerseys are making a comeback, and Wallys will forever be timeless—word to Ghostface Killah. The more things change, the more they stay the same, or so they say. Everything that's retro now was new back then. Since we all love and miss the '90s so much, we decided to pick The Best '90s Rap Music Video Style Trends.

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