Without a doubt, the armed forces are easily one of (if not the) biggest inspiration to modern menswear. Your closet's most used pieces, from outerwear to the basics have either come out of, or been affected by the military's innovation. Besides, when you have everyone from Raf Simons to Kanye West (and yes, that's Yeezy Season 1, and Season 2), the relationship between fashion and the military isn't just worth noting—it's simply unavoidable.

As the weather cools off and smart layering becomes a necessity, we've compiled a list of the military style basics that should help you transition from the end of summer into the dead of winter. Oh, and don't worry, while there's plenty of surplus gear that's worth your time (and hard earned cash), you don't need to rely solely on your local Army/Navy shop for quality military gear. Consider this your basic training, this is Military Style 101: Cop the Basics for Under $200.