Without a doubt, Hip-hop style has changed since the '90s. For all of today's callbacks to the classic styles that ruled the scene 20 years ago, today's rappers definitely look differently than they did back in the heydays of Tupac and Biggie.

Sure things like bucket hats, timbs, and lightwash denim are as big now as they ever were, but there's a new layer of fashion awareness that's affected rappers across the genre—making hip-hop one of fashion's most exciting new frontiers. From the designers catering to and honoring the music that's propelled Jordans and Timbs into the forefront of fashion, to the rappers that are sitting front row (or in Kanye West's case, showing) at fashion week, rappers have a completely different relationship with fahsion. 

Before you jump in the comments complaining about how these things are still relevant now, take a second to realize that—while much of the '90s has returned to our collective closets—you're definitely not seeing dudes dressed like this on the regular rap radar. Take deep breath and jump into the Wayback machine, these are 20 Ways Today's Rappers Dress Differently Than in the 90's.