Without question, the NFL does have stylish representatives (we see you Victor Cruz), the NBA's presence in the fashion game easily dwarfs the NFL. From the pre and post-game wardrobes, to the front rows of New York Fashion Week, for every fashionable NFL player, there's two or three players representing the NBA.

While the NFL has very recently pointed out that it's making more concerted effort to assimilate into the fashion game, they're behind the NBA in both the direct and indirect influences on the fashion world. Sure, the NBA has thrown up its fair share of fashion bricks, but no one can deny that it's made major in-roads into the world of men's fashion—making menswear more acceptable and tolerated with guys across the board.

No shade to those hitting the gridiron every Sunday, but for athletic fashion inspiration, basketball takes home the hardware. While there's several reasons why the NBA sits as reigning champ of modern-day menswear, here's 4 Reasons the NBA Will Always Be More Stylish Than the NFL.