Last month we brought you some reporting on how Under Armour’s relationship with Stephen Curry has surprised many in the sneaker industry, not least of which was Nike who didn’t think Curry could sell shoes. The player previously had an endorsement deal with Nike but it didn’t offer much between sneakers and money (relative to the industry), so Under Armour put in a competing bid and Curry took it.

Flash forward to 2015 and he’s the MVP with his own signature shoe. And the investment is paying off.

This morning, upon the release of the Under Armour Curry One “MVP,” the Under Armour website faced serious issues, even being crippled by high traffic. The shoes have been selling well all year, much to the chagrin of Nike, but this is the first time we’ve seen Under Armour buckle under the press of the sneaker community. Boutique websites and even face these issues all the time, but now Under Armour is officially in that league.

It looks like Under Armour really has something going for them this time, and as long as they can keep the site from failing again, maybe they can keep Curry away from the grip of Kanye.

Check out some of the surprise on Twitter:

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