D-Wade, what the hell are you doing my guy?

Posted this afternoon on his Instagram, Dwyane Wade showed off a picture (along with the rest of his chest) from a recent shoot for Esquire. One look at the photo, and we're wondering if Wade is about to drop the hottest R&B album of 1992. Sure, he explained the bizarre fashion choice through the hashtag form of "If you can't pull it off you won't understand it," but that still didn't stop Twitter from promptly going in minutes after the photo dropped.

Naturally, MC Hammer comparisons were a matter of time:




Others thought it was the second coming Kobe Bryant's sartorial travesty for the LA Times Magazine.



Maybe that's why people thought Dwyane Wade was failing miserably at an attempted Zoolander impersonation.




Browse what's just a sample of the onslaught of slander below. In the meantime, let's hope that someone on D-Wade's style team has to answer for this.