Years Active: 1993-Present
Key Members: Black Moon, Smif-N-Wessum, Heltah Skeltah, OGC
Elements of Style: Camo, camo, and more camo, Timberlands, and oversized outerwear 

Brooklyn's Boot Camp Clik really played into the whole "boot camp" thing from the start. 1997's For the People featured a photo of the crew on dog tags. They stepped it up for the album cover for 2006's The Last Stand, which was shot in a freaking airplane hangar. Although, we'll admit, the 2002 cover for A Chosen Few took a more athletic stance with the basketball shorts and jerseys, it was still pretty dope.

Their casual style was full of surplus gear too. M-65 and bomber jackets played heavily into the crew's personal style. In keeping with standard Brooknam survival tactics, it wasn't unusual to catch the members rocking camo—a look that wouldn't seem out of step with today's trends either.