First he taught us how to rob, now he's teaching us how to dress. GQ's new, fantastic 50 Cent profile finds one of rap's foremost hustlers, and biggest bully, playing life coach to the story's writer, Zach Baron.

During their first meeting the rapper/actor/mogul, after taking in Zach's casual-at-best appearance, encourages him to wear a suit the next day and gauge the reaction, if any, to the abrupt shift in style gears. 50 predicted that "when you do it, I bet you people ask you, 'Hey, you look good! Where you going? What's going on?' Because it's not an everyday thing for you. When you clean up, people notice."

Of course, Zenmaster Curtis is absolutely right: Zach's girlfriend is blown away and his boss pays alphet respects for the first time ever. Baron later implies that his boss's decision to throw him on the GQ Instagram went somewhat disastrous, but who really cares when he's getting "whoas" from wifey and impressed reactions around the office?

So there you have it. 50 Cent, powerful revered businessman and hustler, has unlocked the meaning and worth of menswear as a tool to manipulating one's projected perception. Who knew Ferrari was so wise in so many facets of life?

[via GQ]