Borough: Staten Island (Stapleton)
Signature style: If your dad was one the greatest rappers alive, and dressed like it was '95. 

Ghostface Killah is back! Well, he never left, but his latest project with Adrian Younge and recent performance on Jimmy Fallon has thrust the most lavishly-dressed member of the Wu-Tang Clan back into the spotlight. This time, Ghost isn’t rocking huge arm links or dressing like an Egyptian pharaoh, but he did break out a custom pair of Air Jordan IVs, a red velvet blazer, and even a mask reminiscent of the 36 Chambers days. Ghostdini’s style hasn’t changed with the years, and surprisingly, that’s a good thing. His rhymes and steez are just as raw as they were circa ’93. Let’s just hope he’s still on his Wallabee kick.