Director: Dan Akroyd
Stars: Chevy Chase, Demi Moore, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy

Critics loathed it, and rap fans only recognize it for its pivotal role in Tupac Shakur's musical career (Digital Underground's "Same Old Song," which featured 2Pac's debut verse, was on its soundtrack). However, as far as we're concerned, Dan Aykroyd's batshit Nothing But Trouble is a strangely magnetic clusterfuck of a high-concept comedy.

A smitten moneyman (Chevy Chase) invites his crush (Demi Moore) on a trip to Atlantic City, but an ignored stop sign along the New Jersey Turnpike leads to their arrest; instead of a police headquarters, though, they're taken to a peculiar village known as Valkevania, where an odd-looking Justice of the Peace (Aykroyd in shitty-looking makeup) tortures and kills traffic violators.

The plot is a steaming pile of absurdities, but there's a fantastically bizarre element to Nothing But Trouble that works in its favor. You've got the late, great John Candy playing a mute fat woman, Aykroyd doubling up as disgusting pig-like twins that are obsessed with breakfast cereal, and unnecessary cameos from Shock G and Pac. What does it all mean? Not a damn thing. Is it an enjoyable fail? Indeed.