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With the NFL season in full swing, videos of fights between fans breaking out at stadiums across the country have become a weekly occurence. 

In the latest instance of fan-on-fan violence, a brawl broke out this past Monday in Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium, where the Chargers were playing the Raiders.

In footage acquired by TMZ above, several men can be seen punching another group of individuals seated in the row below them. According to TMZ, a witness said that bystanders were attempting to call security and break up the fight, but they were dealing with another brawl happening elsewhere in the stadium.

In the other brawl that can be watched above, two Chargers fans are shown pummeling one Raiders fan before another person jumps in on the action inside the arena. The fight goes on for a few minutes, with security getting involved at one point. However, they were not able to get full control of the situation.

Unfortunately, fans getting into big fights at sporting events is nothing new. Ironically, the viral brawl that happened during the NFL preseason last month was between Raiders and Chargers fans as well.

There’s clearly a lot of bad blood between the two organization’s fanbases, with brawls happening both times the teams have met each other this season. Hopefully, they don’t have any games together in the playoffs.