Angel Reese and Chicago Sky Teammates Call Out Cameraman for Alleged Harassment of Chennedy Carter

Full footage of the alleged harassment has not surfaced. The team's GM, however, says the incident was handled quickly by security.

Kahleah Copper and Candace Parker of the Chicago Sky basketball team high-five during a game
Kahleah Copper and Candace Parker of the Chicago Sky basketball team high-five during a game

Angel Reese is calling out the "nasty work" of a cameraman she says harassed her teammate in Washington, D.C.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the Chicago Sky power forward criticized an unnamed individual who found out where the WNBA team was staying, then proceeded to put a camera "in my teammate’s face and harass her" as they stepped off the team bus. 

"This really is outta control and needs to STOP," Reese added.

Tweets from Angel Reese responding to Brianna Turner about harassment of players at hotels; Reese highlights aggressive media behavior

Reese later reshared a thread from fellow Sky player Brianna Turner, who wasn’t there to witness the alleged harassment but slammed such behavior as unacceptable.

"Yes we (thankfully) travel with security, but the absurd headlines recently has certainly created an unstable environment for our safety," Turner said. "I’ve been called every racial slur imaginable lately and my teammates have had it even worse."

Brianna Turner tweet: Critiques inappropriate behavior toward players at hotels, emphasizes respect, and prompts readers to consider if it happened to someone they know
Brianna Turner's tweets addressing the public's reaction to the recent incident, emphasizing accountability, emotional impact, and urging for more creative and respectful responses

Other Sky players including Isabelle Harrison and Michaela Onyenwere also spoke out about the incident. The latter, notably, alleged that footage making the rounds on Wednesday had been edited to remove harassing comments from the person in question.

Tweet from Isabelle Harrison: "WOW!!! Thank GOD for security. My teammate being harassed at our hotel is insane! Couldn’t even step off the bus!!!"
A series of tweets by Michaela Onyenwere criticizing edits made to a video, de-escalation of harassment by hotel security, and unruly behavior of "fans"

Complex has reached out to WNBA reps for comment. This story may be updated.

A brief clip making the rounds into Thursday shows Sky shooting guard Chennedy Carter being asked if she’s had "the chance to reach out to Caitlin [Clark]" an apparent reference to a widely discussed foul incident. The clip is credited to an account many social media users have since pointed out is a known paparazzi-adjacent troll of sorts, not a fan.

Annie Costabile of the Chicago Sun-Times adds that the man was ultimately escorted away from the players by team security. Sky GM Jeff Pagliocca was also quoted in the piece, stating that the incident "was over as fast as it started."

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