Washington Reportedly Signing Mark Sanchez as Backup

The Washington football team is signing Mark Sanchez to back up Colt McCoy when they face the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. Colin Kaepernick remains available.

Mark Sanchez

Image via Getty/Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire

Mark Sanchez

The Washington football team is expected to sign former Jets and Cowboys quarterback Mark Sanchez to back up Colt McCoy, reports ESPN NFL Insider Field Yates:

If you're like any other football fan that's been sentient for longer than two years, you're wondering what the hell is going on? It seems there's a lot of overlap between the coaching staff in Washington and Sanchez.

Interestingly, there's a younger quarterback available who—like Sanchez—last appeared on an NFL roster in 2016. The only difference that in that season, Colin Kaepernick appeared in more games than Sanchez and was an actual quarterback. Just look at how they compared during their 2016 stints. Well, maybe Sanchez's overall body of work is better you think? If you say that out loud, it's a good way to get a Jets fan angry or possibly provoke paroxysms of laughter. Sanchez was pretty awful, especially in comparison to Kaep, and he's got more wear and tear, having appeared in eight more games in his career. But the coaches like him and he'll be a quick study for Washington's matchup against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, which just so happens to fall six years to the day from when this happened:

So, yeah, we think Kaep's legal team is taking notes.

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