Drake's OVO Edition Raptors Jerseys Are Tearing Canada Apart

"This that new Toronto."

The Toronto Raptors released their exclusive line of "OVO edition" jerseys and apparel today, and fans seem to be pretty divided. The jerseys feature an OVO-inspired black and gold colorway, a chevron pattern to symbolize the six boroughs of Toronto, and the word "North" displayed within the chevron, "to represent a territory all our own," the official Raptors account writes on Twitter. 

This that new Toronto.

Presenting our very own OVO Edition Jersey.

Available now at @RealSports & @welcomeOVO. pic.twitter.com/IwOzyAkVB2

— Toronto Raptors (@Raptors) January 12, 2018

These new city uniforms have a lot of people talking, and while Drake and friends at OVO have nothing but love for the 6, it seems like some people just aren't into the new style.

Toronto #Raptors officially introduce their new "city" uniform this morning, which they appear to be calling their "OVO Edition Jersey" #NBA

So Drake gets two Raptors jerseys; "Toronto" still has none https://t.co/lYBsxym7V2

— Chris Creamer (@sportslogosnet) January 12, 2018

The New Orleans Saints called, they want their colours back

— Ꮇ@ 🍁 (@MattBeardly) January 12, 2018

Fans who aren't digging the jerseys mostly wanted to see a return to the original purple or red colors, or an update to the iconic raptor design. Some could agree the new design is fire, but wished that they better represented all of Canada. 

If you're feeling the new style, cop yours at Real Sports Apparrel now.

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