Deion Sanders Called Out for Criticizing Former Colorado Player, Shedeur Backs Him Up

Coach Prime had time today, responding to a fan’s criticism after his son Shedeur dismissed his former teammate at Colorado.

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Deion Sanders has drawn the ire of sports fans after he got on social media and dragged one of his former players after he had shared some fascinating insight on his time at Colorado.

Earlier this week, college defensive back Xavier Smith revealed in an article published by The Athletic that Sanders had crushed the confidence of several players on his team and even told Smith to hit the transfer portal. Smith explained that when he decided not to test the portal, Sanders made him feel like a background act in his main show.

"He (Sanders) was destroying guys' confidence and belief in themselves," Smith, who is now attending UTEP, told The Athletic. "The way he did it, it could've been done with a little more compassion."

Sanders' son Shedeur chimed in on the manner on the platform formerly known as Twitter and claimed he didn't remember Smith being on the team due to his mediocre skills.

"Ion even remember him tbh. Bro had to be very mid at best," Shedeur tweeted. Someone on the platform called out the former NFL player and advised he tell his son to humble himself as Colorado had a weak 4-8 record on the season.

Shedeur Sanders reacts to Xavier Smith's transfer portal tweet with a dismissive comment, both overlaid on a graphic background

Sanders caught wind of the tweet and praised his son while ridiculing the random person's child. He also shared a post of Smith's stats over at Austin Peay, the school he went to after leaving Colorado. "He will be a top 5 pick. Where yo son going ? Lololol I got time today. Lololol," Sanders wrote before sharing the image of Smith's stats.

Twitter exchange between @DeionSanders and @PreTimeKB discussing a top 5 pick and a 4-8 season in sports context
A Twitter screenshot from @DeionSanders with a player profile for a football game, showing a headshot, stats, and game details for a player

The Athletic's report that started this drama focused on the 53 scholarship players who left Colorado from the time Deion was made head coach in December 2022 to the end of practices last Spring. Sanders had already said he was coming to Colorado to change its losing ways by revamping the entire lineup. If a player can't find their way in his dream for the program, they're susceptible to being cut or advised to transfer.

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