J.R. Smith Offers Up Strange Explanation for Bizarre Play Involving Jason Terry

Watch J.R. Smith try and explain what happened on Tuesday night during a bizarre play involving Jason Terry.

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What in the world was J.R. Smith doing during the Cavaliers’ game against the Bucks on Tuesday night? If you somehow managed to miss it, Smith decided to make his way over to the Bucks’ bench area to say hello to Jason Terry during the first half of the game—in the middle of a play—and allowed Tony Snell to get a wide-open dunk. After the play, Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert, and Tristan Thompson looked at Smith like, "WTF you doing?" as Snell ran back on D after scoring the easiest two points of his NBA career:

After the game, Smith was asked to explain what happened on the play, and his explanation for it was almost as strange as the play itself. He claimed he didn’t know which play a reporter was referring to—and then said that he didn’t realize he was in the game at the time, which is just…what?

Here is the interaction he had with a reporter about the play:

Reporter: Can you take us through what happened with the play with Jason Terry?

Smith was also asked about the Nike Pro Hyperwarm Hood that he had on following the game, and he explained that it was all part of his "alter ego." It also served as a nice distraction as he tried to take attention away from the Terry play.

Here is the interaction he had with a reporter about it:

J.R.: This is my alter ego, so I just, you know, it was a gift from Ohio State, so I figure why not?

Smith recorded just six points, one assist, and two steals in 30 minutes of action against the Bucks, and the Cavaliers lost 118-101. It’s definitely a game that Smith and the Cavs will want to put behind them as soon as possible.

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