J.R. Smith Gives Jason Terry Dap on Bucks' Bench, Bucks Score Free Dunk

J.R. Smith continues his weird ways.

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J.R. Smith is known for his mind-boggling actions in games. The Cavaliers guard tends to make absent-minded plays that suggest the sharp shooter may not always have the highest basketball IQ.

During Tuesday night's game against the Bucks, Smith was with the Cavs on defense but suddenly decided to say "What's good?" to his buddy Jason Terry, who had been sitting on the Bucks' bench. But J.R. forgot that this wasn't a timeout—it was a live possession by the Bucks.

Because of Smith's lack of in-game awareness, the Bucks' Tony Snell caught the ball along the left-side baseline (where Smith was supposed to be playing defense) and scored a free dunk.

This may be laughable for people playing in a streetball pickup game. But this is the NBA. Plus, the Cavs are the league's defending champs. Well, in J.R.'s case, we can use the term "defending" very loosely. 

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