Watch Shaquille O'Neal Ask Bobbi Althoff Out on Movie Date

Last September, Althoff interviewed the NBA legend shortly after she made it big following a sit-down with Drake.

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Shaquille O'Neal has landed a movie date with Bobbi Althoff.

During the latest episode of his The Big Podcast With Shaq, the Los Angeles Lakers legend asked guest Funny Marco about his rumored romance with Althoff. After asking how long the YouTube personality and Bobbi have been dating, Shaq phoned Althoff and asked her on a date.

"Hook me up with Bobbi," O'Neal told Marco. When Marco questioned the idea, O'Neal said, "Once she goes Shaq, she'll never go back."

As seen in the below clip, Althoff picked up, prompting Shaq to ask if she wanted to go to the movies with him.

"I'm sitting here with Funny Marco," Shaq said. "He told me to ask you on a date, so can I take you to the movies?" Althoff responded, "Sure." Shaq added, "All right. I love you, Bobbi. I’ll call you later," to which Althoff replied, "Love you too."

Of course, Bobbi should understand Shaq's humor, as she interviewed the NBA icon last September, two months after going viral with her conversation with Drake. Althoff's interview with O'Neal resulted in another viral moment, as the former NBA big man spit game with Bobbi by telling her he's "the love doctor."

"I'm not a medical doctor," Shaq said. "But I do have a minor in psychology and I also could've been a professor, but I don't want to be."

After being asked if he sees patients and whether he gives guidance as a therapist, Shaq explained he's not paid for his work because he's "the love doctor."

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