The sports entertainment world is still reeling from the death of former WWE superstar, Shad Gaspard. In the wake of his passing, a GoFundMe was created to help the family cover the necessary expenses. Like his signature tagline, John Cena seemingly moved in stealth with a possible generous contribution to the fundraiser. 

Fans and wrestlers—including Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho, Tony Khan, and more—have donated to the campaign, raising its total to more than $130,000 as of Sunday. Yet, one anonymous donor gave the family $40,000. Although no name was attached to the money, the accompanying message led fans to believe that the cash came from John Cena.

"CTC RIP," the message reads

As suspecting fans pointed out, "CTC" was the acronym for Cena's stable with Gaspard and Gaspard's partner, JTG. Shad and JTG wrestled as the tag-team Cryme Time before joining forces with Cena. But when they befriended John in 2008, the three became the Cryme Tyme Cenation—or CTC for short.

Their friendship wasn't kayfabe either, as Cena and Shad were also close outside of the ring. This moved Cena to share a message with his fans following Shad's death. Cena rarely captions his Instagram posts. But in honor of his friend, he posted a picture of Gaspard championing him as a "hero."


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