Colin Cowherd has courted controversy once again after he went on a rant defending Russell Wilson, during which he also took a shot at Earl Thomas. Just recently, Thomas was reportedly held at gunpoint by his wife after she discovered him and his brother Seth in bed with another woman. 

The Baltimore Ravens free safety previously played for the Seattle Seahawks until 2018, and Cowherd used his history with the team to throw him under the bus. Lamenting what he perceived as a lack of respect for Russell Wilson, who has still not received an MVP vote despite his impressive performance, Cowherd mentioned that there's only one team in the last decade with more playoff wins than Seattle. "You think Earl Thomas is the reason for that?" he asked with a grin on his face. "Maybe I should ask their brother, I hear they're tight."

Needless to say, Thomas isn't too happy about about Cowherd's comments. Posting a video of the clip in question on his Instagram, he simply captioned the video, "Lame." 

See what Twitter had to say about Cowherd's jab at Thomas below.