Andrew Luck's surprise retirement generated mixed feelings from NFL fans. But, former Cowboys superstar, Troy Aikman, has stepped in to defend the quarterback from any unnecessary hate. 

FS1 analyst, Doug Gottlieb, compared apples and oranges when he tweeted that Luck's retirement was a byproduct of the quarterback's age/generation.

"Retiring cause rehabbing is 'too hard' is the most millennial thing ever," Gottlieb tweeted. This shot in the dark definitely brought Gottlieb the attention he was seeking. Once Aikman caught wind of Gottlieb's tweet, the quarterback decided it was time to ether his co-worker.

"That’s total bullshit Doug," Aikman said in a quote tweet. "What qualifies you to decide how someone should live their life? So you’re now the authority on what motivates Andrew Luck? And if his decisions don’t fit into what you think is best for him then you rip him? Guess that keeps you employed on FS1. Nice." 

Although he delivered the knockout punch, Aikman wasn't the only person to respond to Gottlieb's tweet. Several fans and analysts had time to roast Gottlieb for his awful take.