On Sunday the NFL Conference Championships played out and they both sucked, at least from a competitive standpoint. That's not to say that Atlanta and New England fans shouldn't be elated (even if you do think it'd be boring by now in Boston). It's just to say that casual fans watching each game had to entertain themselves rather than let the football do it for them.

For example, some eagle eyed fan on Twitter noted that Jay-Z and Troy Aikman kind of look alike:

That led to some other people using social media to weigh in on the same subject. Reddit also got super into it as well, by posting the above pic of them side-by-side looking like Two-Face. Of course it's ultimately up to you to say "Hey, they do kind of look alike," or "WTF are you talking about?" Just thought we'd fill you in on how the human mind works on Sundays when the NFL action completely blows: