It's been almost two decades since Charles Oakley shocked suburban fans when he claimed over half of all NBA players smoked cannabis. But times have changed, with multiple states legalizing the plant for recreational consumption and many more for medicinal benefits. Former NBA star Al Harrington is getting into the cannabis business, as is former Blazer (Sun, Piston, Warrior and Net) Clifford Robinson, who as a marijuana advocate goes by Uncle Spliffy, the name of his new dispensary.

Now retired Celtic Paul Pierce is getting in on the fad with a high-end vape pen, the Vesper. He announced the launch on Wednesday and remarked that "the Truth is Vesper."

It also appears to levitate, though we're not sure how that ameliorates the efficacy of the product (luxury items really are silly sometimes).

CBD isn't cannabis, even in oil form (you can extract it from hemp, too), but it is a cannabinoid that anecdotal evidence shows helps with pain relief. While some say CBD oil helps with pain and anxiety, it doesn't produce the euphoria experienced when you smoke THC found in the cannabis Uncle Spliffy enjoys. That's the truth about CBD as we know it.