After the Cleveland Cavaliers stormed back from a 3-1 deficit to topple the historic Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals, LeBron James trolled Golden State by wearing an "Ultimate Warrior" shirt to his team's championship parade. Tuesday morning, LeBron's friend and rival, Draymond Green, returned the favor (again).

At the Warriors' championship parade in California, he sported a shirt referencing the Arthur "mood" meme, which LeBron famously posted early this season.

When LeBron originally posted the "mood" meme, Draymond responded with a post of his own.


Draymond and LeBron are both adversaries and buddies—they probably get along a lot better during the offseason. Draymond was LeBron's guest on Uninterrupted's The Shop earlier this season.

They've also had their share of run-ins on the court over the years. Draymond famously hit LeBron in area in the 2016 Finals, leading to a one-game suspension that seemed to turn around the series.

Draymond also trolled the Cavs at the Warriors' 2017 parade, at which he sported a "Quickie" shirt, prompting a funny little back and forth with LeBron on social media. He said he did it in response to Bron's Ultimate Warrior shirt.