What in the world was LeBron James insinuating when he posted the Arthur meme on Instagram on Monday night along with the caption, "Mood..."?

Was it LeBron’s response to Kyrie Irving dropping 35 points on the Hawks? Was it LeBron’s way of letting everyone know that he hasn’t been happy with the way the Cavaliers have started the season? Was it meant to show LeBron’s disappointment about the Bucks landing Eric Bledsoe in a trade instead of the Cavs?

The NBA community spent most of Tuesday tossing around different theories for why LeBron put up the post. At one point, Draymond Green even got in on the action by seemingly trolling LeBron with a "MOOD…" post of his own.

And by late Tuesday afternoon, it got so out of control that LeBron attempted to diffuse the situation by putting up a second Arthur-related post that featured him clenching his fists at different stages of his career.

But that still didn’t explain why he chose to post that particular meme, so the speculation surrounding it continued. And it appears as though it’s going to continue to swirl thanks to the (very!) vague answer LeBron gave on Tuesday night when he was asked about it.

The Cavs finally got back on the right track on Tuesday by knocking off the Bucks 124-119 at home. So after the game, reporters had no problem bringing up the meme. But LeBron didn’t seem like he was in any rush to explain what he meant by it, as he offered up a simple explanation for why he put it up in the first place.

"I like Arthur," he said. "That’s OK, right?"

On the one hand, LeBron’s explanation makes total sense. I mean, who doesn’t like Arthur? But on the other…nah. That’s obviously not the reason he posted the meme. But good luck getting him to say otherwise.

LeBron and the Cavs will be back in action on Thursday night with a road game against the Rockets.