As you may recall, during his return to Cleveland about a year ago, LeBron James sported an "Ultimate Warrior" shirt as a way to not-so-subtly troll Golden State for beating them in the NBA Finals.

Here's the briefest of reminders:

Fast forward not quite 365 days, and Draymond Green got his not-so-subtle revenge on LeBron/the Cavs for besting them in the re-rematch. Green could be seen sporting a "Quickie" shirt on Thursday afternoon because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery it was an idea he had awhile ago (or so he says in his interview answer above). In case you're unaware, the shirt is mocking Quicken Loans Arena, where the Cavs play their home games. Though it's obvious that the Ultimate Warrior shirt played a role, even without Draymond's confirmation, he also added that those 3-1 R.I.P. cookies from last year's Cavs Halloween party factored in to his decision as well.

"I can't forget the Ultimate Warrior shirt last year from LeBron," Green explained. "[And] the 3-1 tombstone cookies and all of that, so I was waiting on this moment." After being asked if, really, he'd been waiting since Halloween to do this, Green responded, "I'm petty. I've been waiting for awhile, just coming up with ideas. I had this crazy idea for a shirt and I waited too long to try and get somebody to draw it up. It was a bit much though."

One can only imagine what that was.

As for LeBron, he quickly responded with an Instagram pic where he made fun of Green's sex game... or something. He also chose an angle where Draymond isn't exactly looking his most svelte:

Draymond also responded with this new pic of LeBron's shaved head:

Not a whole lot to do for the next few months.

A few hours later, even after the exchanging of semi-harsh IG shots, Draymond called out LeBron's recent comments (which were uttered after the Finals concluded) where he said he doesn't think he's ever played for a "superteam":