The Cavaliers just arrived back in Cleveland after winning the NBA title on Sunday night, catching a flight to Las Vegas, partying for a few hours, and then catching another flight home. It’s been such a whirlwind that J.R. Smith—who looked like he had a great time in Vegas—showed up back in Cleveland without a shirt on:

But it appears as though LeBron James put some thought into what he was going to wear when he stepped off the plane in Cleveland. Because rather than going with a white T or a Cavs’ championship shirt or any number of other options, LeBron borrowed a page out of Kevin Love’s playbook and went with a WWE-inspired shirt that said—yoooooo!—“Ultimate Warrior” on the front of it.  WE SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, LEBRON.

Lots of other people did, too:

Check out the hat as well:

That’s an MVP-level heel turn on LeBron’s part, and it sounds like it's going to help the company that manufactures the "Ultimate Warrior" shirt make a lot of money:

Make sure LBJ gets a cut!