A little more than a year ago, Bleacher Report published a long story about "The Brotherhood" that exists between LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Paul. In the story, LeBron revealed that he would like to play with his three close friends one day. The four players also talked about the bond they share off the court and touched on how they have an ongoing group text that allows them to keep in touch throughout the NBA season.

We’ve always wondered what in the world they talk about in that group text—LeBron’s beef with LaVar Ball? D-Wade’s rift with Rajon Rondo? Phil Jackson slander?—and during an interview with Sports Illustrated this week, Wade gave us a sneak peek at what goes on in the group chat. He didn’t go into great detail, but he did reveal that the four players routinely roast each other over the outfits they wear. And he shared a story about how the group really got on CP3 after a recent game after he wore what Wade described as a "diarrhea brown turtleneck" on the bench.

"Chris Paul recently, when he was out with his thumb injury, he had wore this, it was really like this diarrhea brown—not diarrhea green—diarrhea brown turtleneck with the jacket," he said. "Oh man, I went right to the group chat with the eye emoji like, 'What the?' But they do the same to me. So we definitely have some fun with each other on things like that."

Something tells us fashion isn’t all they talk about. Seriously, the Phil Jackson slander in that group chat this season had to be epic. But it’s nice to know that they’re clowning each other over their fashion missteps just as much as everyone else is.